Thursday, December 18, 2008

History Channel Monster Quest

PC Game | Windows | Activision | 149 MB

Giant footprints trail through the forest, too large to be human, but clearly two-footed and not belonging to a typical woodland creature. As a trained investigator, you've seen this sort of thing before - those footprints look straight out of the files you've been studying, containing eyewitness accounts of a supposedly mythical creature. Could this be further proof that the creature in fact exists, or it is just one more element in an enormous hoax?

The History Channel's smash hit series comes to life on your PC in Monster Quest. Join the team as a junior investigator, hot on the trail of some of history's most famous creatures of myth and legend. Whether you're experimenting in the lab, searching for clues in the field or combing through detailed files, it's up to you to determine
whether these elusive creatures are fact, fiction or fraud. Solve puzzles and complete challenging quests in your pursuit of the truth. With your cleverness and keen investigative skills, the world will finally know whether these creatures of legend are real or figures of humanity's collective imagination.

[b]Features :[/b]

* Join the team of the History Channel's hit show for a thrilling journey into the realm of myth and legend
* Pursue five elusive monsters to determine whether they truly exist
* Immerse yourself in a world of rich graphics and mysterious sounds that make the art of monster hunting that much more real
* Engage in field research and study in-depth files to seek out the truth
* Complete dozens of lab experiments to put the so-called evidence to the test
* Put all the clues together to determine whether each monster is real or just a myth

Escape the Museum

Help Susan work her way through the rubble of the National Museum of History after an earthquake rocks the city and separates her from her daughter. Escape the Museum is a unique game pulling on the familiar Hidden Object mechanic while building on the casual-friendly Adventure game play. Can you help Susan get back to Caitlin, her daughter, and Escape the Museum together? Download Escape the Museum now and start playing right away! (84.90 MB)

Burger Island 2: The Missing Ingredient

When a rival burger franchise opens up and starts stealing business from Patty and Pierre, the pair must keep up with the competition by adding new items to the menu and searching for new ingredients to create recipes in Patty's experimental kitchen.
Burger Island 2: The Missing Ingredient [BETA] Burger Island 2: The Missing Ingredient is the sequel of the popular arcade game Burger Island by Techfront and eGames. When ambitious Edie Cole Iverson and her suspicious new burger franchise start stealing Beach Burger’s business, Patty and her irritable sidekick Pierre add breakfast and snacks to their menu, only to find that the Tiki Guy, the island’s resident recipe guru, has gone missing! The hunt for the Tiki Guy begins as Patty and Pierre attempt to rebuild their business, cook up all new recipes, track down new ingredients and sauces, and create the mythical Great Sauce!

Space Strike

Unleash the fury of a high-tech arsenal on hordes of alien squadrons that are set on conquering humankind! Become a space pilot and take off on 20 challenging missions in your quest to destroy the onslaught of aliens that seem to be everywhere! The battles will be hot and your weapons, hotter, as you blaze through five different landscapes and a myriad of aliens! Don't let your planet down! It's all waiting for you in Space Strike! Download Space Strike now and start playing right away! (14.79 MB)

# Blast Away Those Aliens!
# 20 Amazing Missions!
# 5 Different Landscapes To Explore!
# Extraordinarily Addictive Gameplay!


Svetlograd is a thrilling color-matching game in which you protect your city from evil imps. Upgrade your cannon to make it more powerful, use an assortment of wild bonuses and find ancient treasures hidden throughout the levels. Become the hero of the magnificent city of Svetlograd! Download Svetlograd now and start playing right away! (18.90 MB)

# Over 100 levels
# 13 magical powerups
# 55 upgrades
# 20 ancient treasures to find

Season Match 2

Bring the celebration of seasons back to the Fairytale Kingdom! Join forces with the Snow Queen and Princesses of Seasons to battle the despotic Prince January and save the Fairytale Kingdom from eternal winter! Solve clever puzzles to vanquish the forces of evil! Dazzle your senses with exciting hidden-object levels and thrilling minigames! The magical inhabitants of the Fairytale Kingdom are counting on you to deliver them from their icy opression. Download Season Match 2 now and start playing right away!

# Strange, magical characters
# Unique, fantastical levels
# Unlock powerful artifacts!

Neptune's Secret

Dive deep beneath the waves to the lost city of Atlantis and join a young archeologist on her search for the true story of Neptune's demise! Uncover the mystical secrets of her own lineage and the power of her amazing amulet! It's a sea-worthy adventure, filled with seek and find thrills! Featuring 75 gorgeously detailed levels, loads of cleverly hidden objects to find, and a fantastic story to reveal, Neptune's Secret is an exciting plunge into the depths of fun!

# A Variety Of Seek And Find Challenges!
# 75 Sea-Worthy Levels!
# Intriguing Adventure Story!
# Stunning Hint Feature!

Mythic Pearls: The Legend of Tirnanog

You must find a way to control the Mythic Pearls! Travel throughout the legendary region of Tirnanog, stopping along your adventures to subdue the power of the pearls. Tirnanog is a vast land. and there will be instances where you must decide upon the path you must take. Magical power-ups will assist you throughout your journey. Learn to wield the mystical hammers and watch as you triumph over the Mythic Pearls! Download Mythic Pearls: The Legend of Tirnanog now and start playing right away! (33.19 MB)

# Stunning magical power-ups.
# Soothing soundtrack.
# Choose your own path!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jewel Match - Winter Wonderland

This delightful matching game will have you aligning jewels and smashing ice boxes before you know it! Line up matching holiday jewels to break them out of their frozen boxes. The 150 levels and relaxing holiday soundtrack will keep you coming back. You'll have a hard time breaking this holiday habit! Download Jewel Match - Winter Wonderland now and start playing right away! (17.86 MB)

# 150 levels.
# 2 difficulty settings.
# Relaxing holiday music.

Depths of Peril

Protect your barbarian city from rampaging monsters while competing with rival factions to see who will rule the city in Depths of Peril! Between battles and raids, build the most powerful faction possible, to withstand your enemies. Compete with rival factions through diplomacy, trade, war, and raids while keeping in mind that every action will have its consequences! With its unique blend of RPG and strategy elements, Depths of Peril leaves no stone unturned! Download Depths of Peril now and start playing right away!

# Lead Your Faction To Supremacy!
# Unique Blend Of Strategy And RPG Elements!
# Use Diplomacy, Trading, Fighting And Raiding!
# Deep And Involving Story!

Cradle of Persia

Build Ancient Persia in this engaging puzzle game! This land was filled with luxurious gems and metals that were set to impress peasants and visiting nobles alike! But its exotic gardens and majestic architecture have long since vanished in the passing sands. Now you can seek out the riddles of these ruins as you travel through the land of a thousand and one nights. You will need skill and a keen wit to unlock a mystery never before seen by man, here in the Cradle of Persia! Download Cradle of Persia now and start playing right away! (22.52 MB)

# Travel Through 7 Historical Epochs!
# 100 Engaging Levels!
# 8 Original Bonus Items!
# Build The Masterpieces Of Ancient Persia!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Herod's Lost Tomb

Herod's Lost Tomb features five mini-games and 16 locations based on scenery taken from National Geographic's world famous photo library. The game will also feature footage and highlights from the show, and voice-overs. A reusable hint system will ensure that players never yet stuck.

National Geographic presents Herod's Lost Tomb is an exciting hidden-object game that takes you on an archeological journey of King Herod the Great. It gives players an opportunity to experience an exciting, real-life archaeological adventure!

Herod's Lost Tomb features stunning, world-famous photography from National Geographic combined with an engaging story where the player follows the life and death one of the most famous rulers of the ancient Middle East, King Herod of Judea! The game is based on a major National Geographic Special television event and its authentic content is vetted by NatGeo researchers and historians. It includes beautiful scenery from the one of the world's greatest photographic libraries. 16 lush environments and 5 different mini games insure that National Geographic Presents Herod's Lost Tomb will keep you captivated!

Pets Fun House

Breed baby animals and nurture their growth inside an amusing pet shop. As a boutique owner, you must work hard while maintaining a great sense of humor. Raise eight kinds of animals to make healthy, vivacious pets for loving owners. Buy appropriate items for particular breeds and work to unlock all items in the shop's interior. Check the pet sales report frequently to be a smart business owner, and build the Pets Fun House empire.

# Build your pet empire
# Card game bonus levels
# Can you manage pet mania?

Restoring Rhonda

Rhonda`s been overworked, and she`s lost her job as a prestigious art restorer. Help her rebuild her career and her confidence by working her way back to the top. Fortunately for Rhonda, an ancient, mysterious puzzle game has arrived to provide artistic aid. Can Rhonda master Azuba, a magical jewel swapping game, and earn the tools she needs to refurbish beautiful paintings? Meet colorful characters and choose from one of two modes in Restoring Rhonda.

# Art restoration Puzzle
# Gorgeous levels
# Meet colorful characters

Tradewinds (3 in 1)

Tradewinds 2 + Tradewinds Caravan + Tradewinds Legends

Tradewinds Caravans

Adventure awaits you in Tradewinds® Caravans, the latest installment in the acclaimed Tradewinds Series. As the Middle Ages unfold in the West, cultural centers and merchants across Asia are linked together by an ancient trade route - stretching from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea to China - known as the legendary Silk Road.

Guide six brave heroes as they navigate treacherous terrain swarming with dangerous bandits. Follow their intriguing adventures as they trade exotic goods and engage in real-time battles, all while building the most powerful trading caravan the world has ever seen. Embark on challenging quests, hire fiercely loyal warriors for protection and explore a long-lost world teeming with tantalizing secrets, hidden cities and legends of mythical creatures.

Your adventure begins today... in Tradewinds Caravans!

* 6 unique characters with dozens of individual storylines
* Customize your gameplay with special items found during exploration
* All-new weapons and character-specific powers
* Sandlot Games' signature humor!

Tradewinds Legends

Get carried away in this latest installment in the acclaimed Tradewinds Series. Sail, trade and battle with legendary heroes such as Sinbad in the mythical Far East. Enter a world of danger and intrigue as you complete over 100 unique tasks. Build a flotilla of ships armed with weaponry, both man-made and magic. Sail into the sky to discover new ports and engage in aerial combat with other magical sky ships. Encounter a world of legend, play Tradewinds Legends today!

Tradewinds 2

Amass a fortune by buying and selling goods. Earn enough gold to upgrade your ship and engage in land and sea battles. Encounter a fascinating new world and discover uncharted ports. Two game modes and over sixty hours of gameplay await you. Play Tradewinds 2 and explore your new world.

# Buy low and sell high in 20 different ports with 1
# Choose one of 5 characters or create and customize
# Embark on over 100 swashbuckling adventures

Suspects and Clues

Thieves, vandals, and counterfeiters have joined together for the heist of the century. You'll need keen visual skills to analyze the evidence, piece together clues, and track down the suspects in this photo hunt game. Suspects and Clues includes more than 120 challenges, beautiful images from around the world, and multiple puzzle types to engage your powers of perception and thrill your prowess at deduction.
# Identify suspects from around the world!
# Assemble clues to unlock the safe!
# Recover stolen treasure!
# More than 120 challenges!